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Photo by MRM. MRM Traveling (At an Airport)

Little Black Dresses (LBDs) represent fashion as a whole here at LBDSAW. As we travel & dine & sip on some wine (see what we did there), we'll be sure to make it fashionable. Along the way, we'll showcase designers, stylists, buyers and lovers of fashion. MRM will even be making some original pieces to build that LBDSAW LifeStyle Brand Wardrobe.



TRAVEL JUNE 20, 2021 - Post by MRM

What I am most excited about on this journey with LBDSAW is that I get to explore new places and meet new people. Even more exciting for me is the opportunity to spark conversations, gain new perspectives and celebrate similarites and diversities with folks. One such conversation was sparked with my flight "row mate" on a recent trip. As we chatted about the major delay that was happening before we were able to take off, we found that we both desired to get to our destinations safely rather than not at all. We also chatted about the business of retail which we both know quite well.


Soon after we finally took to the sky and continued our conversation, I asked if she'd excuse me for a moment to take this photo. The view of these clouds and blue sky had to be captured. I knew this picture would pair well with a perfect storytelling moment.


I look forward to many more moments like this one where I meet a perfect stranger, have a great conversation (even through the masks) and learn more about myself and others.

What did I learn?

I know that I am living in my passion & purpose when I have moments like this.

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