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Fontainebleau Pool
Photo by MRM. Fontainebleau Miami South Beach

Chasing Peace

As I age & grow, my mission in life becomes more and more protect my peace, be in control of my time, live with intention and encourage others to do the same. Each of our journeys will be different... How we get there will not be the same, but we all should have the opportunity to curate our story the way we see fit -- don't ya' think?!? Let's go, good folks!

- MRM, Your LifeStyle Brand Host at LBDSAW

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MRM in Miami

The Food

We've all gotta eat, right?!? Let's do it well, with good folks and create those memories.

Limencello Bruschette Ai Fichi

Little Black Dresses, Salads & Wine is a LifeStyle Brand that celebrates more of the Good Stuff with the people who love & enjoy them. Join LBDSAW for the party of a lifetime as we travel, eat, drink, converse & create some wonderful memories.

Miami Palm Trees

Spaces, Places & Things

I love exploring Baltimore...finding new places to dine, enjoying scenic views of the water and chatting it up with good folks, but the "road" was calling me. Whether by plane, train or automobile, LBDSAW has been seeing new sites, making new memories, and striving to live life fully & abundantly. Join Us!

LBDSAW In The City Has You Covered!

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The Sips

Whether it's wine, water, mocktails or cocktails, enjoy that sip & savor the flavor.

Limencello Bacio Della Rosa

Our Mission is to spotlight awesome humans, showcase incredible businesses, live life with intention and be recognized globally as a positive resource, voice & brand to those looking to curate a life filled with wellness, passion & purpose.

Living With Intention

While on this planet, we must make every effort possible to spark new joy for ourselves and others. If it's just taking a few moments to breath in deeply and wander off in your mind to a happy place or offering a helping hand to someone in need, please do so as often as possible. The impact is life-changing. Let's live with intention and enhance each other's lives.

Are You Ready?!?

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On the Dock in Fed Hill

The Water

Being by the water or even just a view of it brings me joy. It's time to spark more joy.

Miami Waterview

As we continue to connect with global communities, we will be able to provide tools, resources, retreats, conferences, virtual experiences and more for those on the path to healing, growing and living with intention. Will You Join Us?!?

Vena Carter 1.jpg

In The Spotlight

We meet some incredible folks on this LBDSAW journey. Folks who are living in and/or finding their passion & purpose. They are changing lives just by showing up as themselves. We ask them our Signature Spotlight questions. Check out what they have to say.

LBDSAW Has The Scoop!

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Let's Stay Connected

LBDSAW is excited to collaborate with individuals, organizations and businesses to support our journeys to live life in the present, promote mindfulness & wellness and to uplift our communities. Connect with LBDSAW if you'd like to do the same! 

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