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Cooper's Hawk - Dining

Updated: Jan 10

Carbs, Shmarbs...The Bread Had To Be Eaten!

Yesterday, I took the time to drive to Annapolis, MD to experience Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant(s) -- they have many locations, folks. The drive was smooth, the sky was clear, but some unexpected construction almost threw a wrench in my plan. See what I did there...ha! I would not be deterred.

“Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, affectionately called Drunken Shrimp, hit the spot. I mean bacon and shrimp...come on!”

Once parked, I put on my flats (my heels were in my bag) to start what I thought would be a hike to the winery. It turns out that just beyond the construction interruption was Cooper's Hawk. I put on my heels because they make me feel more astute and present in my full Boss Mode as your LifeStyle Brand Host.

Upon arrival, I did a wine tasting on the first floor with Ali because after all, that is what I was there for, right [Check out my previous post]?! She is totally awesome and has the best smile EVER.

After 8 pours, I was extra chatty. She truly was a gem and let me ramble on about all of the things. Once done, with hugs included, I headed upstairs to grab a bite at the bar. My craving for Cream of Crab soup was satisfied with lobster and shrimp along for the ride as a bonus. Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, affectionately called Drunken Shrimp, hit the spot. I mean bacon and shrimp...come on!! I'm not a heavy bread eater, but do you see this presentation? I cracked it open where x marked the spot and enjoyed each warm bite.

To end my Cooper's Hawk experience, I met DeeDee at the front desk. She asked how my experience was and what could be done to make my experience better. At that moment, my bartender John walked into the room. I jokingly said that he was awful when in fact, it was a great dining experience. You shouldn't be surprised that DeeDee and I chatted it up like we were old friends. Yup, we hugged and I will be back to hang out with her and the Cooper's Hawk crew.

When you get there, tell 'em that your LifeStyle Brand Host MRM x LBDSAW sent ya'! - Original Post: June 6, 2023


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