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In The Spotlight: Erica Hampton

Musician/Entrepreneur: Resilient. Caring. Bubbly.

When you meet Erica, for the first time, you immediately feel her energy and warmness. She's the kind of woman that makes you want to be a better person. Attentive, genuine and compelling are just a few words that come to mind when I think about this beautiful force. Listen to her sing a few notes. and I am sure that many of your worries will melt away.

I enjoy the value I receive and give on a daily basis. Connecting with people from all walks of life and growing from the conversations, ideas and creativity daily is what I enjoy most. The growth." - Erica Hampton

Erica is on an unstoppable mission to be her best self and LBDSAW is here for it ALL! (2024 Website Refresh - Interview Added to The Blog: Original Post: July 12, 2021)

We asked Erica our Signature Spotlight questions, and here is what she had to say:

LBDSAW: Choose 3 words to describe yourself.

ERICA: Resilient. Caring. Bubbly.

LBDSAW: How would you describe your personal style?

ERICA: My style would be unique, sporty, fashion forward & chic! I love to have space & room in my clothing; but always stand out with pieces that make a bold statement!

LBDSAW: If you are a salad lover, tell us what you'd have in your Signature Salad.

ERICA: I’m obsessed with colors and unexpected flavors. My signature salad would consist of Spring mix lettuce, caramelized pecans, apples, feta cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, turkey bacon and some type of protein topped off with a Balsamic dressing!

LBDSAW: If you are a wine lover, do you prefer red or white?

ERICA: Red wine for the win! I will live my best sangria life on any occasion!

LBDSAW: If you were to create a signature cocktail, what would be in it (with or without alcohol works)?

ERICA: I would definitely call my signature cocktail the “Songbird” cocktail. It would be a combination of any type of citrus vodka, lemonade and a mango/agave syrup of your choice over ice. Delish!

LBDSAW: Where is your favorite place to dine?

ERICA: I love sushi! My favorite sushi spot would have to be Ra Sushi (Baltimore or Atlanta location)

LBDSAW: What travel destination has been your favorite?

ERICA: I loved Puerto Rico!!! So much flavor and hospitality there. I felt like I was at home. Can’t wait to go back and visit.

LBDSAW: Where haven't you been that you'd like to explore?

ERICA:  I would love to head to Paris! I’ve heard magical things about Paris and would love to experience it one day and also perform there as well.

LBDSAW: What makes you feel the happiest? (Not a person)

ERICA: When I’m on stage. My music is what keeps me going in this world. When I’m on stage performing, all of my worries disappear and it’s just God and I. Pure Bliss.

LBDSAW: What do you enjoy most about being a Musician/Entrepreneur?

ERICA: I enjoy the value I receive and give on a daily basis. Connecting with people from all walks of life and growing from the conversations, ideas and creativity daily is what I enjoy most. The growth.

LBDSAW: What advice would you give to someone pursuing their passion & purpose?

ERICA: Never let rejection stop you. One aspect in my career that I would slightly alter would be handling rejection better in my past. Always remember rejection helps you go back to the drawing board and come back 1% better every time. Embrace it and grow from it; but never let it stop you.

LBDSAW: What's next for you?

ERICA: What's next for Erica Victoria? Wow! I have so much in store! But right now I’m working on my EP “The Sunflower that Finally Bloomed“ which will consist of 5 songs about my journey through life. I’m also going to be doing some voiceover work, live theatre and launching a plus size athleisure line. So much ahead so be on the look out!

LBDSAW: How can folks follow your journey?

ERICA: Please follow me on IG/Twitter and Clubhouse: @lyricallyee & @Lyricallyeesoundfitness for my plus fitness brand updates. I’m also a Wellness Coach, so if you want to get your health & wellness intact, here’s my website for health/wellness options . WEB: LYRICALLYEE

LBDSAW: Thanks, Erica! We'll be following! - MRM

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