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Raw & Refined

Updated: Jan 10

Rose' All Day at Raw & Refined in Canton, MD!

I was all set to enjoy the holiday weekend out & about, then I remembered that it was the holiday weekend. I know how that sounds, but I don't think that I was ready, ready.

“Wake up. Stretch. Pray. Move Forward & Share new experiences with you Good Folks!”

I set my intentions on visiting a local winery to experience some wine tastings and realized that I may not be up for the crowded challenge. The issue was that I had already "put my face on" and needed somewhere to go or something to do.

I settled a moment in my MRM/LBDSAW memory catalog/thoughts and decided that some sort of waterfront experience was needed.

The Unexpected: I headed to Canton, MD to try a new dish & cocktail at Bayside Cantina. The Memorial Day Weekend Vibes at Raw & Refined drew me in to explore. Although the pool experience is for members only, anyone can enjoy a good cocktail or lite fare at the outdoor bar. Enter stage left (or, is it stage right) my pour of a glass of Rose'.

The Expected: I chatted it up with a local by way of Chile. She and I plan to do some site seeing in Baltimore...maybe even beyond. Organic & curated experiences are what we do here at LBDSAW.

The Next Move: Wake up. Stretch. Pray. Move Forward & Share new experiences with you Good Folks! Stay Safe!! - Original Post: May 29, 2023


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