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WNDR Museum: San Diego

Updated: Jan 10

Oh, What A WNDRful...

As I wander, I wonder what fanciful things shall I see! That just popped up in my head while I was creating this post. Hehehe... I am so grateful for opportunities like this one that took place at WNDR Museum in San Diego which was lovingly curated by my good friend, and pretty much family, Alesha. It should come as no surprise to me since she is CONSTANTLY providing experiences for family, friends and clients. If you blink while checking out her IG posts/stories @pngevents you will surely miss the incredible moments! Don't blink!

“As I wander, I wonder what fanciful things shall I see.”

I love being behind the camera because I always see something special...some hidden gem hiding in plain sight. There is always a story waiting to be told, but I have to remind myself to take in the moment. To live with intention and truly experience, well, the WNDR.

As I go on this journey to capture content, build the brand and refine what you see here on the site and on social media, I have to remind myself to not miss the beauty of what LBDSAW is all about. To marvel at interactive experiences like WNDR Museum that was specifically designed for us to be present and to engage...not to disconnect and just document it. The moment is NOW for you all to go out and experience life however y'all see fit, good folks. I hope that you have the best time ever!!

Visit IG @lbdsaladsandwine for more of the story!

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