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Photo by MRM. RA Sushi (Seared Tuna) Harbor East, Baltimore

We love a good salad with all of its loveliness and freshness, but we can't exclude all of the great cuisine of the world that must be explored. As we keep it sassy with salads, we'll be sure to celebrate & enjoy many good eats on our journey. 



DINING AUGUST 23, 2021 - Post by MRM

The other day I shared a pic of The Smoked Old Fashioned >> that I stalked at Bonefish while waiting to enjoy my Bday freebie. It's the coolest looking drink and I look forward to trying it soon. I'm not a whiskey drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but I will try it for LBDSAW and you good folks. Now, on to the freebie!


It's safe to say that the Bang Bang Shrimp ® at Bonefish Grill is so good that it had to have a registered trademark. Take a bite into just one deliciously tangy shrimp with its dynamic sauce and you'll be hooked. Believe it or not, you can walk away pretty full and satisfied from one order of this piled-high beauty served over a bed of lettuce in its signature dish. Grab your chopsticks, fork or even use your fingers (fully sanitized...of course). It doesn't matter. Just get these hearty shrimp in your belly and enjoy!

Tell 'em MRM x LBDSAW sent ya'!  Bang, Bang!!


SALADS AUGUST 6, 2021 - Post by MRM

The day was quickly getting away from me and I needed a quick spot to eat and do a little work on my laptop. Who, or shall I say where, saved the day?!? Well, Panera Bread...of course. Although I love the items on their menu, I don't make it to Panera Bread too often because I don't really eat bread that much. 

Today, I ordered a half sandwich and tried their Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad. Both were gooood! I prefer a savory salad but was totally pleased with the freshness & lightness of this salad with its chicken that is raised without antibiotics, romaine, strawberries, pecans, blueberries and pineapples tossed in poppyseed dressing.


I suggest that y'all head on over to Panera to grab one before it leaves with Summer. This isn't a paid endorsement (although that would be nice and totally AWESOME...wink!). I'm just a happy customer spreading the word. Oh, it's MY BIRTHDAY in 3 DAYS! Woohoo! Fun times ahead! Stay Tuned!




DINING JULY 13, 2021 - Post by MRM

I am so grateful that I get to travel and provide creative services for my clients. I had the privilege of enhancing the natural beauty of two young ladies (we played in hair & makeup, folks) as they competed in a pageant in Greenville, SC. Hi, Nyomi & Aliyah!! I can assure you that it was an adventurous several days, but we'll have to chat about that at another time!! On to the FOOD!

Around day two of a five day schedule, I asked a young lady at the hotel front desk if she had any favorites on the menu at the restaurant Roost which serves handcrafted food & drinks. She suggested that I try the Pork Carnita Tacos. Stuffed with cilantro, black beans, lime, cotija, Vidalia onion and crema, they did not dissapoint. Thanks, Cristina! You are AMAZING! Hi, Tania! Please tell Blake & Rachel and the rest of the team that I said HIIEEEEE!!!! Y'all are AWESOME!!! I downed two of the three soft tacos and paired them with a glass or two of a Malbec. Thank you Patrick for your food & drink service! You are an asset to Roost. Oh, and to the coolest group of folks out celebrating a birthday, thanks for the toast, good laughs and energy!


If ever you are in Greenville, SC and you happen to stay or visit somewhere off of Main St., be sure to drop in and grab some good eats. Tell them that MRM of LBDSAW sent ya'! You might even get in some dancing at the outdoor festivities that have resumed at NOMA Square. Stay Safe and Enjoy Every Moment that you can, folks!!


Smooches - MRM x LBDSAW


SALADS JUNE 20, 2021 - Post by MRM

Has anyone else gone to Smashburger and never gotten a burger? Salad, please!

The first time that I ever had Smashburger was in Las Vegas...many years ago. I can definintely enjoy a good burger, but I generally want something a little "lighter". The Classic Cobb salad was enormous and the bowl was the size of earth! Needless to say...I was hooked. I prayed over that salad and devoured it. Since I'd never seen a Smashburger before, I thought it would be the last time that I'd have that perfectly groomed salad with fried egg and applewood smoked bacon.

{Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.}


I have had that salad (hold the onions, please) in several cities since then and am always on the hunt for it. Maybe I should try something else on the menu, huh? {Food For Thought} Thinking, thinking....

Consider it done!

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