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Wine...oh, wine! At LBDSAW we will taste and savor the many grapes from around the world and share the love. For the non-wine lovers (it happens), we'll try other tasty drinks along the way with some good folks, great conversations and beautiful views.


The Smoked Old Fashioned

COCKTAILS AUGUST 22, 2021 - Post by MRM

Sooo... I pretty much stalked this drink while enjoying my Bday freebie at Bonefish. I'll share with y'all soon what I ordered. It's a Bonefish Classic! While sipping on some wine and conversing with good folks, I saw this concoction magically appear at the bar. I had to find out more!

I kindly asked the person enjoying the drink what on earth it was. The bartender was a tad busy. The Smoked Old Fashioned, as it's called, just looked cool and LBDSAW-worthy. It's cold-smoked which infuses a smoky taste into a classic whiskey drink. There is SO much more that I need to learn about this drink and  I will! Sadly, I missed the smoky reveal, but I am certain that I will order it the next time I'm at Bonefish...even if just to witness the magic!

Happy Exploring, Good People!


WINE JUNE 20, 2021 - Post by MRM

Oh, wine! My dear, dear friend. How are you, today? Well?!? That's great! 

It would be an understatement to say that wine and I have not had some adventures together. What I can say is that my love and admiration for those little grapes have grown and led us to LBDSAW. To you all! I even bought The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil to dive deeper into the world of wine. Yes, there is a wine bible, folks. I figured that I should invest in wine as well as enjoy it. For a moment, I thought I would become a sommelier. Ummm...I will revisit that path at another time.

I am excited to travel the world with LBDSAW, pair wine with food, learn more about the wine regions and explore this 996 pager which is the 2nd Edition of The Wine Bible. Some 10,000 wines were tasted and evaluated over the four years it took to build this resource for wine enthusiasts and students.

{Excuse me while I go and catch up. Sip, sip!!!}

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