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Updated: Jan 10

Good Eats & Great Views!

So, it was truly my intention to make it back downtown to the Harbor East/Canton area to spend some time by the water, but I ended up at R. House in Remington. I sat out in the car for a moment to contemplate my next move.

“A little bit of cabin fever is setting in, so I must get out and explore.”

The reason is because R. House is home to BRD. These folks have a chicken sandwich called BMore BRD that has dill pickles, old bay and a signature BRD Sauce that will have you looking like Homer Simpson drooling over a donut. BRD won! I grabbed a sandwich and came on in to take a pic of that beauty before I made it disappear. Grab one whenever you get a chance. I don't think that y'all will be disappointed.

The weather looks like it's going to cool off in Baltimore this week. After a projected rainy Saturday, Sunday looks like there will be clear skies. Y'all are welcome for the weather report! lol... Have a great weekend, folks!! - Original Post: April 21, 2023


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