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The Guide: Castaway

Updated: May 15


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Castaway is one of those places that will have you wondering what steps you need to take in order to experience that sense of unexpected joy each and every day! I was told by my good and longtime friend, Kitty, to just come casually dressed. I kinda listened to her but not really. I know who I'm dealing with and how she rolls. As we pulled up to the valet at Castaway, I knew that I need to throw on my heels for a quick elevation. The walk through the lobby and bar over to the view of the city was an INSANE reveal. I love a good waterfront view, but THE HILLS HAVE EYES (not the movie), and the city lights were BREATHTAKING. I'll be going back to do a full story on this gem, and I can't wait to share with you all!

Side Note: Lawd, please give me the strength to leave and mulah $$$ to enjoy and not be a castaway (see what I did there) in this here lovely establishment! Ha!

I love a good waterfront view, but THE HILLS HAVE EYES (not the movie), and the city lights were BREATHTAKING." - MRM x LBDSAW


Name: Castaway

Category: Hilltop Steak House Restaurant

Location: 1250 E Harvard Road, Burbank, CA 91501

10 Great Things: The Food. The Drinks. The View. The View. The View. The Company (Hey, Kitty!). The Experience. The Vibes. The Entrance. The Decor.

Distance From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): Approx. 24 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Hollywood Burbank Airport: Approx. 4.4 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Los Angeles Union Station: Approx. 14 miles (shortest distance)

Tips: Have an amazing friend who knows the city and where to take you. Take lots of pics. PLEASE, live in the moment! Experience it at night. I'm going back to see it during the day. Meet new people. Go again and again and again. Try something new. Make wonderful memories! Be sure to leave so you won't get put out!


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