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In The Spotlight: Dexter Greene

Protector & Connector: Creative. Passionate. Driven.

I had the great privilege of meeting Dexter, also known as Dex the Insurance Guy, at the Associated Black Charities Gala. It was a beautiful night filled with community, performances, awards and networking. And, networking we did!

 It was a beautiful night filled with community, performances, awards and networking. And, networking we did!" - LBDSAW

As we waited for other guests to arrive at our table, Dexter (being the connector that he is) introduced himself and told me about Collab Tuesday. It's a free networking event that is held once, every other month in a DMV establishment. I surely plan to join the experience.

(2024 Website Refresh - Interview Added to The Blog: Original Post: June 14, 2023)

We asked Dexter our Signature Spotlight questions and this is what he had to say:

LBDSAW: Choose 3 words to describe yourself.

DEXTER: Creative. Passionate. Driven.

LBDSAW: How would you describe your personal style?

DEXTER: "DASSIC" - a mix of Debonair/Classic with a pop of flash

LBDSAW: If you are a salad lover, tell us what you'd have in your Signature Salad.

DEXTER: My absolute favorite is pretty simple: Spinach, onions, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, grilled chicken topped with cranberry vinaigrette

LBDSAW: If you are a wine lover, do you prefer red or white? If you were to create a signature cocktail, what would be in it (with or without alcohol works)?

DEXTER: I'm not a drinker, but if I were to create a signature drink, it would be "Dex In the City" - a mixture of orange juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale and a slice of lime

LBDSAW: Where is your favorite place to dine?

DEXTER: Flying Fishbone - ARUBA - not so much for the food but for the overall experience of dining by the sea

LBDSAW: What travel destination has been your favorite?

DEXTER: ARUBA hands down

LBDSAW: Where haven't you been that you'd like to explore?

DEXTER: Ghana/ South Africa/ Maldives

LBDSAW: What makes you feel the happiest? (Not a person)

DEXTER: I feel the happiest while taking a walk through the park on a warm summer day (above 90 degrees) while catching sun rays and getting a good dose of vitamin D

LBDSAW: What do you enjoy most about being a Protector & Connector?

DEXTER: I see myself as a PROTECTOR and a CONNECTOR. As an insurance agency owner, I sell insurance products and that is how I protect others, their families and their lifestyles. As a Connector, I recognize that people are innately social but many lack the confidence to make it happen. That's where I come in by creating a platform for networking that makes it easy for people to meet, network and collaborate. I call it "COLLAB TUESDAY".

LBDSAW: What advice would you give to someone pursuing their passion & purpose?

DEXTER: I say start simple by finding a quiet space, close your eyes and see yourself as you want to be. I mean really see yourself living in your passion. Once you see it, you can believe it. Once you believe it, you can achieve and from that point forward it's all about making it happen day to day and month to month.

LBDSAW: What's next for you?

DEXTER: Dex The Insurance Guy is just getting started. I plan to continue to grow my agency to help as many people as I can and at the same time, continue to grow my COLLAB TUESDAY platform.

LBDSAW: How can folks follow your journey?

DEXTER: Follow me on IG @Dextheinsuranceguy and @COLLABTUESDAY link to my agency is in my IG profile

LBDSAW: Thanks, Dexter! We'll be following! - MRM

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