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In The Spotlight: Dr. Shenetta Malkia

Updated: Jan 5

Property Manager/Entrepreneur: Heart. Love. Grace.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Shenetta after too long of a time spent not seeing her in person. I mean it's been YEARS, folks! She took time out of her VERY BUSY schedule as an all-around BOSS of a woman to celebrate my Bday and LBDSAW Experience with some very special people. Shenetta is tireless and shares her story and expertise through her philanthropic efforts and businesses within the Property Management & Real Estate fields.

 I think it may be time for us to create some fashion magic together. Ohhhhh, Shennnettaaaa?!?" - LBDSAW

Somehow she finds time to compete in pageants and further share her story to the masses. It's been a long time since she has modeled one of my MRM original pieces. I think it may be time for us to create some fashion magic together. Ohhhhh, Shennnettaaaa?!? Are you ready to play in fabric?!?!? Hehehe...

(2024 Website Refresh - Interview Added to The Blog: Original Post: August 23, 2021)

We asked Shenetta our Signature Spotlight questions and this is what she had to say:

LBDSAW: Choose 3 words to describe yourself.

SHENETTA: Heart, Love, Grace

LBDSAW: How would you describe your personal style?

SHENETTA: It varies on what I am feeling. I love getting glammed, but I love a soft sweat mixed with some slides.

LBDSAW: If you are a salad lover, tell us what you'd have in your Signature Salad.

SHENETTA: Ok, so I do not do salads, but I love cucumbers with a French dressing. It’s the classic for me.

LBDSAW: If you are a wine lover, do you prefer red or white?


LBDSAW: If you were to create a signature cocktail, what would be in it (with or without alcohol works)?

SHENETTA: It would be called Still Rising. It would have my favorites Crystal Head with a splash of Malibu Rum.

LBDSAW: Where is your favorite place to dine?

SHENETTA: Still exploring. My favorite is Mexican and then Italian.

LBDSAW: What travel destination has been your favorite?


LBDSAW: Where haven't you been that you'd like to explore?

SHENETTA: I must explore Spain.

LBDSAW: What makes you feel the happiest? (Not a person)

SHENETTA: My peace of mind.

LBDSAW: What do you enjoy most about being a Property Manager/Entrepreneur?

SHENETTA: What I LOVE most about being a Property Manager/Entrepreneur is creating the solutions to some very much difficult situations. Problem solving is the essence of what we do for our client. As an entrepreneur I am always looking for new innovative ways to (solve) some very much real situations in life.

LBDSAW: What advice would you give to someone pursuing their passion & purpose?

SHENETTA: Once you tap into your purpose, stay there! Everything else will follow. We look outside of our purpose at times looking for something that was already coming and destined. Hold On. It’s always purpose over money.

LBDSAW: What's next for you?

SHENETTA: So much is coming! The Book Fearless Women Rock Volume 3, Oct. 2021. The International Ms. Pageant as I move forward for the title of International Ms. USA, Crown Check St Lucia for New Years. This one is for our Queens Still Rising! Bully Free Beautiful Me and a few other things. The most important right now is the coming of my brokerage as I prepare to move from REALTOR to Broker. Stay tuned for The PMS Of The City Realty. (Follow Shenetta for the most up-to-date Info)​

LBDSAW: How can folks follow your journey?

SHENETTA: Follow The PMs Of The City, Empowerment Essence, Shenetta Malkia on IG, FB, Linked In, Twitter. Websites

LBDSAW: Thanks, Shenetta! We'll be following! - MRM

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