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In The Spotlight: Neo Lynch

Dancer/Trainer/Competitor: Energetic. Peaceful. Determined.

Neo has the kind of energy that makes you sit back and take notes. As a Former 

Professional Dancer for the likes of Diddy, Ciara and Beyonce (Yes, you heard what I 

said), you know that she is on point.

“Trust the process. Once you accept it’s going to be hard, it suddenly becomes easier. Figure out YOUR life’s purpose and find a way to earn money doing it." - Neo Lynch

She has modeled for me in the past on several MRM projects. and I had the 

opportunity to make her a FIERCE competition bikini that made your draw drop 

seeing her grace the stage in it. I mean...look at her NOW! She competes on a 

National level in bodybuilding and SLAYS. How she does what she does is beyond 

me. I guess that determination is truly key! (2024 Website Refresh - Interview Added to The Blog: Original Post: July 15, 2021)

Neo answered our Signature Spotlight questions, and this is what she had to say! 

Let me go and do a squat or lift a dumbbell or something! Geesh...:

LBDSAW: Choose 3 words to describe yourself.

NEO: Energetic. Peaceful. Determined.

LBDSAW: How would you describe your personal style?

NEO: Comfortable and casual. Low maintenance with a splash of pizazz.

LBDSAW: If you are a salad lover, tell us what you'd have in your Signature Salad.

NEO: Spinach, chicken or steak, croutons, Caesar dressing

LBDSAW: If you are a wine lover, do you prefer red or white?

NEO: I’m a Merlot girl!

LBDSAW: Where is your favorite place to dine?

NEO: The Little Inn at Washington. Any low key restaurant with music surrounded 

by chicken wings, cheesecake and good friends in Atlanta, GA!

LBDSAW: What travel destination has been your favorite?

NEO: My favorite place in the US is Atlanta, GA.

LBDSAW: Where haven't you been that you'd like to explore?

NEO: Krakow, Poland

LBDSAW: What makes you feel the happiest? (Not a person)

NEO: Being able to share my talents, gifts, knowledge and passion with others to 

help them live out their dreams! 

LBDSAW: What do you enjoy most about being a Dancer/Trainer/Competitor?

NEO: I absolutely love being on stage!

LBDSAW: What advice would you give to someone pursuing their passion & purpose?

NEO: Trust the process. Once you accept it’s going to be hard, it suddenly becomes 

easier. Figure out YOUR life’s purpose and find a way to earn money doing it. There 

are so many ways your purpose shows up, so don’t get stuck in a vision of what that “job” might look like. Be open to every opportunity. 

LBDSAW: What's next for you?

NEO: I’m teaching at 7 dance studios this summer and doing personal training. I’m 

thrilled to be able to live in my purpose through dance and fitness and reach more 

people! Personally, I’m focusing on rebuilding my physique to continue competing  on a national level in the sport of bodybuilding.

LBDSAW: How can folks follow your journey?

NEO: Follow me on IG @neolynch

LBDSAW: Thanks, Neo! We'll be following! - MRM

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