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In The Spotlight: Susan Major

Consultant: Life-long Learner. Curious. Office Supply Addict.

Susan is one of the coolest and most humble people that I've met. Even her dog thinks she's cool! Hehehe... Her style is effortless annnnddd...she can wear a mean pair of heels!

“Live your life in the jeans of yourself. Timid and cautious perfection is unsustainable. Life is not forever. Find comfort in your own skin." - Susan Major

Fairly recently, I had the opportunity to assist her on a photoshoot for her personal & professional sites. Be sure to check out The Hatch Project if you are looking to create something NEW. It's quite refreshing. (2024 Website Refresh - Interview Added to The Blog: Original Post: June 27, 2021)

I asked Susan our Signature Spotlight questions, and here is what she had to say:

LBDSAW: Choose 3 words to describe yourself.

SUSAN: a. Life-long learner b. Curious c. Office Supply Addict

LBDSAW: How would you describe your personal style?

SUSAN: A little bit 1950’s and little bit rock n roll

LBDSAW: If you are a salad lover, tell us what you'd have in your Signature Salad.

SUSAN: Avocado, avocado, a delightful blend of cheeses and homemade croutons made from sourdough

LBDSAW: If you are a wine lover, do you prefer red or white?

SUSAN: Red – malbec but I am allergic to it so it has to be a really, really good cause

LBDSAW: If you were to create a signature cocktail, what would be in it (with or without alcohol works)?

SUSAN: I already have. It is called the PineyGinger. Pineapple juice and Ginger ale. Its popularity is somewhat stymied by the fact that we don’t go out much.

LBDSAW: Where is your favorite place to dine?

SUSAN: a. Luis’ Taqueria, Woodburn, Oregon b. Hands down best burrito on the planet c. And home to some of my dearest friends - well not at the taqueria, they live in Woodburn​

LBDSAW: What travel destination has been your favorite?

SUSAN: Rome, Italy - the Villa Borghese, the Pantheon and the Forum

LBDSAW: Where haven't you been that you'd like to explore?

SUSAN:  Japan, Egypt, Alaska

LBDSAW: What makes you feel the happiest? (Not a person)

SUSAN: Laying on the sofa between my pup and my best friend/husband. My toes are nestled under my pup and my head is dozing off in James’ lap. My belly is full; I am wearing my comfy pants and my favorite sweatshirt and it’s FRIDAY night.

LBDSAW: What do you enjoy most about being a Consultant?

SUSAN: I love to be able to talk deeply with people; to explore their wonderings and 

wanderings; to take notes and to share back with them the patterns, word choices, and symbols I heard come from them. I feel honored to be a part of the elicitation

of their meaning; their connection of that meaning to the planet and then to the 


LBDSAW: What advice would you give to someone pursuing their passion & purpose?

SUSAN: a. Stay curious, stay open, respect those that challenge you –they make you better and/or sharper. b. Shed the proverbial white pant suit. Live 

your life in the jeans of yourself. Timid and cautious perfection is unsustainable. Life 

is not forever. Find comfort in your own skin. 

LBDSAW: What's next for you?

SUSAN: I am doing what I have always wanted. I just got here! I do know my near 

term goal is to complete my doctoral dissertation, maybe get something 

published…? And, I would like to go back to school (I know….) for finance, marketing 

and ecology.

LBDSAW: How can folks follow your journey?

SUSAN: Folks can follow The Hatch Project, my company, on Facebook, Instagram or 

Linked In or at my WEBSITE - also always welcome a friendly 

LBDSAW: Thanks, Susan! We'll be following! - MRM

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