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New York City: Macy's Herald Square

A Star Is Born!

For as far back as I can remember, going to Macy's in New York City during the Christmas Holiday Season was a MUST for me, my mom, aunts and a busload of super shoppers to experience the Big Apple at its best. It's hard to believe that NYC can be even more visually incredible than its year-round over-the-top-ness, but it's absolutely true. A little extra sprinkle of grandness and creativity shines brighter as each year comes to an end. Get your big coat and shopping bags ready when you visit cuz' it'll be a crisp and exciting time!

“Adventure is out there and waiting for you to explore and tell your story. Happy New Year, Good Folks! - MRM x LBDSAW

Back in the day, we would first go to Englishtown, New Jersey to the Flea Market. I remember folks filling up those oversized red, white and blue bags (think IKEA checkout bags) with everything they could find to bring back as gifts or just to stock up on household goodies. They had EVERYTHING. Soap, shoes, fruit and A LOT of mud! The thing that I find most interesting about what I remember and don't is the mud and endless aisles of outdoor shopping in Jersey then on to NYC to shop in the fancy department stores. Talk about a contrast! I think everyone had a memorable time, though. They returned to experience it all over again each and every year.

My aunt, Betty Star, was an International Hair Stylist and knew how to shop!! Her style was unique, she set trends and turned heads wherever she went. It may have been because she wore a star on her cheek or a head-to-toe vibe daily or maybe it was because she moved with confidence, paved her own way as a stylist and existed thoroughly in her gifts. She was a true visionary!

I mention Betty Star because when I recently visited New York city, I intentionally stopped at Macy's Herald Square. That was our main stop on those bus trips and the Macy's Christmas Holiday Experience was a must. I didn't make it to NY during the height of the season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, but I made it in just enough time to experience the nostalgia of it all. The iconic wood escalators still exist on the upper levels and the last of the Christmas decorations on the top floor had these incredible stars. They brought back the greatest memories of my aunt and the times we spent enjoying with family during the holiday season.

I pray that you all enjoy the experiences, visuals and storytelling that I share here at Little Black Dresses, Salads & Wine. This journey is a labor of love to spark more joy in my life and the life of others. New York City is one of those places that always seems to bring out the kid in me and allows the grown up version to experience something new! Adventure is out there and waiting for you to explore and tell your story. Happy New Year, Good Folks!


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