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Take Your Moment!

Updated: Jan 10

Go Ahead! What Are You Waiting For?!?

On this first day, of the last month, in the third quarter of 2023, take some time for yourself to recharge, get focused and set your intentions for the upcoming new year. If you can't already tell, 2024 is very well on its way! Are you ready?!?

“Panthers and alligators and lizards, oh my!!”

2023 has definitely been a year and has come with many challenges. While on my road trip, Hurricane Idalia crossed the path that I was taking, yet I have been extremely blessed in my travels and pray for those who were and are greatly impacted by the storm. I was able to capture this beautiful video in Miami before the weather began to take its turn.

A major part of this journey is to capture beautiful spaces, places and things to share with you all to have as a resource to bring you joy and a sense of calm in any part of your day. As many of you may know or are learning, I love being by the water. It moves me (pun intended) and reminds me to take those moments to be present and grateful.

I was up before the sun and almost stayed in the bed a little while longer, but I knew what this road trip was all about. So, I got up and walked my way over a few blocks to capture the moment.

This one minute video is for YOU (Expand it to Full View & Enjoy)! It has no sound so you can focus on just breathing, rest in your thoughts, meditate, pray or just enjoy the silence and view. Or, you can put on your favorite music or sounds to curate the moment as you see fit. As part of our wellness journey, believe me when I say that there is so much more to come for us to enjoy and experience (Sounds included). Yes, there is more to this road trip and Miami adventure, so stay tuned! Panthers and alligators and lizards, oh my!!

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