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The Guide: DeKalb Farmers Market

Updated: May 15

World Market

While in Atlanta, I got to spend a little time with my bestie, Olive Poo! She made a stop at the DeKalb Farmers Market which brought me unexpected joy. Who knew that a market could bring tears to ya' girl MRM's eyes. I'm an emotional being, but GEESH!

It's all good. I was excited to see my bestie in her element -- going up and down aisles grabbing fresh herbs, spices, veggies and such. She's an amazing cook, friend and fashionista. Too much time goes between us seeing one another, so I'm sure that was a part of the reason for the water works. Just ahead was an international section of WINE and even some wonderfully low-priced wine that I grabbed to try. They were goood!

Every row of vegetables, seafood, meats, spices and the like had me in awe of the freshness, presentation and draw of folks from everywhere. I even met a few perfect strangers and hugged one after a quick exchange of conversation about wine, serendipitous moments and unexpected joy. Just visit the Dekalb Farmers Market for yourself, and let the joy unfold!

Who knew that a market could bring tears to ya' girl MRM's eyes. I'm an emotional being, but GEESH!" - MRM x LBDSAW


Name: DeKalb Farmers Market

Category: World Market

Location: 3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30030

10 Great Things: The Food. My Bestie. The Wine. The Unexpected Joy. Meeting new people. The rows and rows of freshness. The Energy. The Presentation. The Service. The Experience

Distance From Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL): Approx. 18 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Train Station: Approx. 12 miles (shortest distance)

Tips: Explore. Plan to spend at least 45 minutes in the Market. Smile and meet someone new. Thank the team at the Market...they are great! Put on your walking shoes. Take pics for later enjoyement. Enjoy!


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