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The Guide: The Garden Room


Oh, The Garden Room! How much joy you brought me! My Atlanta buddy, Caits, shared some amazing videos of The Garden Room that she saw on IG. She knew that it was the type of spot that LBDSAW needed to experience, and my oh my, was it an experience!

An outside elevator leads you to the 2nd Level of Buckhead Plaza where you'll find offices, shops, restaurants, luxury living and the entrance to The Garden Room. It's an intimate restaurant experience that's connected to The St. Regis Atlanta and draws you in from your very first steps.

The Garden Room is a must visit stop while you're in Atlanta. It's cozy, the DJ plays some make-your-shoulders-bounce music that is just right to enjoy while in your seat, the bartenders are all in sink, the floral arrangements, decor and hospitality all work in unison like a beautiful symphony. I'll definitely be back to enjoy this beauty and get my duckie souvenir! Just check out the pics. You'll see what I mean! Hehehe... Check out our IG Post for more and the LBDSAW In The City page for videos!

I MUST give a special shout out to the birthday lady, Samiayah, and her crew for letting me get pics of their AMAZING brunch spread. Caits & I had the salad, french toast and BACON along with some wonderful cocktail concoctions (one of which that hasn't even been added to the bar menu quite yet). We were spoiled in the most incredible way! Thanks, Taylor & Happy Birthday, Samiayah!

Where will LBDSAW be next?!? Stay tuned to find out!

I'll definitely be back to enjoy this beauty and get my duckie souvenir! Just check out the pics. You'll see what I mean!" - MRM x LBDSAW


Name: The Garden Room

Category: American Restaurant

Location: 88 W. Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30305

10 Great Things: The Food. The Sips. The DJ. The Energy. The Bartenders. The Location at The St. Regis Atlanta. The Vibes. The Photo Ops. The Decor. The Intention of the space sparks joy.

Distance From Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL): Approx. 19.9 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Amtrak Train Station: Approx. 3.2 miles

Tips: Go with a friend. Take lots of pics, selfies and videos. Pay attention to parking signs. Mingle. Chat it up with the bartenders (Taylor, Steve and Gabriel were AMAZING). Plan ahead because they book up pretty quickly (You can only book online, but they do take walk-ins). The food and presentation are INCREDIBLE! Sunday Brunch time is worth it! Try as many dishes and cocktails as you can. Enjoy the moments in between all of the photo/video taking!

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