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The LBDSAW Point of "VIEW"!

Updated: Jan 10

What's Behind Door Number 40?!?

Over the weekend, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with my family in the mountains of Glade Valley, NC. When I tell you that I felt like a kid in the candy store, upon arrival, believe it to be true.

“D.H., I told her NOT to open all of those doors! I did not need to know what was behind door #40!”

The cousins were brought together by our UBER fabulous host, D.H., who was EXCEPTIONAL as he lived and breathed to give us an experience that we won't soon forget. All but one of the cousins (Did you know that today is National Cousin's Day? Yup, it's a thing! Hmmm...I wonder if D.H. knew!) visited Mayberry (Yes, the lil' ole town of The Andy Griffith Show.) and stayed behind to work, take in all of the beauty of this special place and to, I an added bonus, welcome me.

When I arrived, she proceeded to show me around. D.H., I told her NOT to open all of those doors! I did not need to know what was behind door #40! Five floors, 1,762 doors...a wine cellar, a billiards' room (which my aunty would NOT share freely), an indoor basketball court (I sang like my life depended on it because the acoustic elements were the TRUTH!), a praying-watching-the-sun-rise-and-set-oasis-room, an "attic" apartment, a you-can-not-enter-this-kitchen-because-it's-my-domain masterpiece to create ALL of our in-house, exquisite meals, a "decked-out" balcony to explore the stars, admire the mountains, deer, sunrises, sunsets and dip into the jacuzzi... Shall I go on?!? Whew...

Instead...let's do this. Check out some of the highlights from my time in the mountains, at The Golf Clubhouse (You have to know people...who know people...who know people...) and PLEASE do not forget to check out more of the story/videos on Instagram @lbdsaladsandwine and tell the masses!

This is only the beginning of this LBDSAW journey, folks. If you dare to dream, share your story, embrace the gifts of family, friends, mentors and your network, the sky will open up to allow all of the blessings to rush right in! Let's go and live life on purpose, Good People! I'll see you all on the road, in the sky or some other means of transportation! I think that the deer may have an EXCLUSIVE, alternative route!


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