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The Guide: Sagamore Spirit

Updated: May 15


The Sagamore Spirit Distillery is right on the waterfront at Baltimore Peninsula and makes for a special time out. Although I have not experienced The Tour yet (It's coming!), I've heard it's a pretty fun time. I have, however, enjoyed the outside bar, the views and a whiskey concoction or two. I'm all about the wine, but ya' have to change it up every now and again. Sagamore Spirit has a plethora of Rye Whiskey choices that even include some canned cocktails. Visit the shop or site to explore!

I'm all about the wine, but ya' have to change it up every now and again." - MRM x LBDSAW


Name: Sagamore Spirit

Category: Distillery

Location: 301 E Cromwell Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

10 Great Things: The Gift Shop. Being By The Water. The Outside Bar. The Tours. Baltimore Peninsula. The Vibes. A Sort of Hidden Gem. The Experiences. The Whiskey Education. The Location.

Distance From Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI): Approx. 10.1 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Amtrak Baltimore Penn Station: Approx. 4.1 miles (shortest distance)

Tips: Explore Baltimore Peninsula. There is so much newness to see and experience. Take the tour. Grab some whiskey from the shop. Go with a friend or go solo. Have your own private event at the Distillery. Make new memories. Enjoy!


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