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The Guide: Cooper's Hawk

Updated: May 15

Winery & Restaurant

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It's My Responsibility To Taste The Wine!" - MRM x LBDSAW


Name: Cooper's Hawk

Category: Winery & Restaurant

Location: Annapolis Town Center: 1906 Towne Center Blvd, Annapolis, MD 21401

10 Great Things: The Location. The Winery. The Restaurant. The Tasting. The Food. The Servers. The Hosts. The Nearby Shops. The Overall Experience. The Unexpected Joy.

Distance From Airport: Approx. 21.3 miles (shortest distance)

Distance From Train Station: Approx. 29.3 miles (shortest distance)

Tips: Do the wine tasting. They have options, and it's priced VERY well! Go with a friend or solo. Try the food. It's great! Walk the Annapolis Town Center, and enjoy the shops. Grab a bottle of wine. They have PLENTY of choices! Spark. More. Joy.


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