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New York City: NBC Studios

Our First Guest Is...

Talk about celebrity sightings! I visited inside the NBC Studios for the first time that I could remember. I would always pass by to go to Rockefeller Center, and I've even seen a few live performances outside of Radio City Music Hall -- back when MTV's VMAs were held there, but I hadn't been inside the studios.

“Within what could have only been about 40 minutes, I saw Kevin Hart, James McAvoy, Mel B, Al Roker and a young artist by the name of J.I.D..." - MRM x LBDSAW

I got a few snaps and chatted with a few folks before heading over to Rockefeller Center to get some stunning footage then back again to NBC Studios. I saw some folks lining up to experience the Jimmy Fallon Show and realized along the way that the show's guests would be coming through at some point to make their appearances. It was getting closer and closer to the time I would need to recharge and head to one of the movie premieres that I mentioned in my NYC Lincoln Center blog post. The other was at a yet-to-be-known location. I had some decisions to make. Go hard or go home! Let's just say that the latter came later.

As I stood inside to warm up a bit, the buzzing-about began. Within what could have only been about 40 minutes, I captured Kevin Hart, James McAvoy, Mel B, Al Roker and a young artist by the name of J.I.D (that I later found out performed on the Jimmy Fallon Show) scooting right on by me. It was pretty EPIC considering this second visit to the studio was pretty impromptu.

I considered the experience to be a successful LBDSAW moment and could call it a day and head on back home, right? Or, I thought, should I keep it going and see how else the NYC Day Trip would further unfold? This time, the latter prevailed.

Head on over to the Lincoln Center Plaza Blog Post to see how this whirlwind trip came to an end but not before checking out the pics below! You must know that I was VERY hard at work capturing these shots and figured I'd just add my lil' Bitmoji self right into the celeb screenshots from the videos I captured. (I just realized my phone had that option while creating this post. Ha! Ohhh, MRM!) Ok, biieee!

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